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February 27, 2020 Home Ideas

Makeover Fireplace with Airstone Fireplace

Airstone Fireplace – We uprooted the front glass some portion of your fireplace, and set it aside. At that point the fun part started destruction time. We utilized a few instruments to offer us some assistance with removing the tile around the fireplace, including a mallet and dremmel. We attempted to keep the bond sponsor board, however it was difficult to uproot the tile and keep it in place. I didn’t expel the tiles from the base floor of the fireplace you’ll see what we did later in the post.
Once all the tile and benefactor board were uprooted, we expected to include new patron board for the stone to stick to. We purchased it in an extensive sheet at Home Depot. We utilized a razor to slice it in pieces to fit. We utilized these grapples and a drill to join the board.  At first I didn’t realize what to do with the base floor of the Airstone fireplace. We couldn’t put stone there, nor would we be able to develop any sort of hearth because of the separation required between the floor and the fireplace. In this way, I chose to paint it. I utilized an acrylic paint that coordinated the trim of the house, trusting it would look okay. Luckily, it did!
When the paint was dry, we were prepared to begin including our Airstone fireplace pieces. We laid them out on the rug to make sense of the example we needed. This was a truly imperative, particularly on the off chance that we needed to go through the stone we had and not squander any. We likewise would not like to begin, and afterward understand our example wouldn’t work. When we were prepared, we slice pieces to measure (if vital) utilizing a hacksaw, then connected the cement with a putty cut and adhered it to the divider. We rehashed this progression until we had completed the whole fireplace. What’s more, done!

Airstone Fireplace Design

Airstone Fireplace Design

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